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concealed weapon insurance

We live in an unpredictable and at times, an unsafe world. This is why you have made the conscience decision to protect yourself and those you care about. You take this responsibility seriously and completed the training necessary to carry a concealed firearm. You refuse to be a statistic. You carry a concealed firearm in self-defense every single day.

While you have taken proactive measures to protect yourself and your family from physical harm, have you contemplated what happens after you have defended yourself? Once the smoke clears, will you be in a position to afford legal representation?

Lack of legal representation in your moment of need is a legitimate concern. This concern is even more alarming if you are faced with the possibility of criminal prosecution for exercising your fundamental right of self-defense. The current political and legal climate further complicates the matter.

The principles at Conifer Insurance Company and the C.W.I. Agency recognized the dangers and perils inherent in the exercise of this fundamental right. Like you, we take the right and responsibility of self-defense very seriously. While researching the insurance market, we discovered there was not an insurance product accessible to the public, providing real coverage for the legally armed CPL holder. We knew we had to do something about it because we are shooters just like you.

The Concealed Weapon Insurance Advantage

As a result, we partnered together to provide unique Concealed Weapon Insurance to protect the Conceal Pistol License (CPL) holder. This coverage is unlike any program available today. Our Conceal Weapon Insurance program provides coverage for legal defense costs you will likely encounter in the aftermath of an act of self-defense.

Unlike other so-called self-defense programs, you are not required to join any association to access our program. There are no dues to pay. We will not share your personal information and we will not solicit you for political donations. We designed our CPL program to cover you anywhere you can legally carry a concealed firearm in the United States.

No Limitations on Representation

Our program provides easy, accessible, and affordable protection when you need it most. Don't be fooled by legal service payment plans that restrict representation and require you to use their investigators, experts, and lawyers. Those programs do not provide insurance protection. Our program provides real self-defense insurance protection.

With the Conifer Concealed Weapon Insurance program, you are free to use one of our referred professionals or have the flexibility of choosing counsel of your choice. You are in control of your defense, not some prepaid legal plan with limitations and use restrictions.